Episode 10: Design and Real Estate

Interior Design and Real Estate go hand in hand. In this episode of The Real Estate Podcast, we are joined by Jessica Kelly of Jessica Kelly Designs to talk re-sale, the ideal client and staging vs decorating. Jessie brings a breadth of experience and insight as to what makes a property “sing”, not playing it […]

Episode 9: Five Questions To Get To Know J&C Toronto Real Estate Group

Who are the trio that make up J&C Toronto Real Estate Group? What are their favourite restaurants in the city? What is Cheryl’s favourite Toronto Neighbourhood? Why did they get fake ID’s at such a young age? Did Van Halen really ask for a bowl of M&M’s with all of the brown ones removed while […]

Episode 8: Social Media – Smoke and Mirrors?

Social Media has become an integral part of Real Estate marketing. The general public see Realtors marketing themselves and the properties they list. Can everything be taken at face value or is it just smoke and mirrors? Special guest, Realtor and TikTok aficionado Anya Ettinger joins us to share her perspective on Social Media and […]

Episode 7: What’s The Deal With Open Houses

whats the deal with open houses

Do open houses really help to sell a property? What goes on behind the scenes? What’s the best way to host an open house? Peer behind the (velvet) curtain with Jon, Cheryl and Nicole to find out the answers to these questions and more, along with a few wacky stories for good measure. https://youtu.be/spRs_7kLCXo

Episode 6: Choosing a Buyer Agent

Choosing a good buyer agent is extremely important when contemplating a purchase of a property. What should you look for? What questions should you ask? Jon, Cheryl and Nicole help you navigate with some insight, guidance and advice (and a few laughs along the way). https://youtu.be/icBdICVIVNk

Episode 5: Real Estate Reality Shows

We get asked all the time, “do you watch Selling Sunset?” Is it really like that? The answer to these questions and more are covered in this episode of The Real Estate Podcast. From the “structured” reality Real Estate Shows Love it or List It to the more sensational “unstructured” Selling Sunset and Buying Beverly […]

Episode 4: Top 5 Updates To Increase Your Home’s Value

Is it worth it to update your property before selling? Because every property is different, there is no easy answer to this age old question. Depending on the age and condition of the home, and the types of updates, costs can vary significantly. Budget-conscious homeowners will want to know which updates will give you the […]

Episode 3: So You Want To Be A Realtor?

The Real Estate Podcast Episode 3 so you want to be a realtor

Have you been contemplating becoming a Realtor? You aren’t alone, there are over 70,000 Real Estate Agents in Toronto! On episode 3 of The Real Estate Podcast, we dive deep into what it takes to get your license, just how competitive it is, and the good, the bad and the ugly of what it looks […]

Episode 2: It’s Not A Bidding War!

Bidding Wars? Bully Offers? Sold Over Asking? These terms are often misunderstood and incorrectly used by the media and the general public. They make for more clicks and great headlines, however most times they are not based in fact or reality. Let’s face it, buying and selling properties can be downright confusing. Jon, Cheryl and […]

Episode 1: What’s It All About?

In Episode 1 of “The Real Estate Podcast”, Jon, Cheryl and Nicole of J&C Toronto Real Estate Group discuss what it’s all about. Why? Because Real Estate is complicated. No two deals are the same. It’s fast-paced, exhilarating, soul-crushing, disappointing and fun. During our first podcast, you will hear all about some of the day-to-day […]