About the show

Navigating the complexities of the Toronto real estate market isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires patience, persistence, professional expertise — and a sense of humour.

Get up close and personal with Jon, Cheryl and Nicole of the J&C Toronto Real Estate Group as we cover the vast landscape of real estate through anecdotes, insights and plenty of heated discussions.

Let’s face it, from the media to your mom, everyone has an opinion about the market. There’s an abundance of misleading or conflicting information. We aim to bring clarity and context while providing answers to our clients’ frequently asked questions about the hundreds of moving pieces that bring deals to a successful close. Have questions for a Realtor but are too afraid to ask? We’ve got you!

The real estate market is dizzyingly fast-paced and often devastatingly frustrating, but we want to remind you, it’s also a lot of fun. Our shared goal is to educate, enlighten and entertain our listeners on everything real estate. The Real Estate Podcast strives to deliver something for everyone, from first-time home buyers, sellers, investors, renters, landlords, Realtors and mortgage brokers. We are, Real Estate for the Masses!

Meet the Hosts

Jon Paulson

Prior to entering real estate in 2016, Jon enjoyed a successful career spanning two decades in fine art sales. In addition to selling notable paintings and artwork on luxury cruise liners, Jon honed his knack for public speaking conducting art lectures and auctions at sea. During his time between contracts, Jon leveraged his entrepreneurial spirit to launch VaultStudios Canada. Partnering with his father Doug, an entertainment industry veteran, this production company was housed in a former bank space at the once-iconic Sutton Place Hotel. Jon’s rich experience in both luxury sales and content creation enables him to translate these unique skills into outstanding video marketing for J&C Toronto Real Estate Group’s listings.

Cheryl Mickolwin

With a keen eye for design and fashion, Cheryl attended Toronto Metropolitan University’s acclaimed Photography program. Yet it was her meticulous organization and customer care that led her to Training and Management for much of her career. Today, Cheryl brings a breadth of skills to her real estate career, from next level communications prowess to her genuine passion for her clients. She is the team’s “savant of stats” with Jon and Nicole calling her The Numbers Queen. Cheryl does deep dives on values and trends and truly has her finger on the pulse of the Toronto Real Estate Market. 

Nicole Norton

Born and raised in Toronto’s West end, Nicole has always called Toronto home, even when it wasn’t. A previous career in equine training and sales allowed Nicole to travel and live throughout North America and Europe, however, Ontario’s biggest and best capital city always drew her back. Nicole has also travelled, lived and worked as a Realtor® throughout Canada, bringing her wealth of unique experiences, perspectives and contacts to J & C Toronto Real Estate Group. Nicole’s old-timey, G-Rated vocabulary is a perfect match for her love of traditional, century character homes. 

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